The Crucifixion

I cannot postulate being a fanatically religious individual, nevertheless I highly respect the scriptures as have been articulated by various religions.

One of the issues I cannot stop thinking is the crucifixion and general obliteration of tortured good people. We often encounter individuals with the best of intentions being disgraced, mocked upon and finally lost in vain.

Lately however, I had this thought, which enhanced me with immense strength.

I thought that the good people mentioned before are not lost in vain. And this, I suppose, as years pass, will be my guiding thought until I perish.

They are not lost because they leave a legacy behind. It is a bequeathal of power to friends and a curse to foes. The exemplar of the fighters for the good stays imprinted in years to come on the minds of the ones, who had the privilege to be associated with these great souls. It is a mark on history.

Therefore, the ones crucified in history did not die in vain. Praises and hymns are being sung to them in the name of the Lord for centuries to come.

How do you, evil man, believe that you have managed to obliterate these people, the heroes, who even today do not allow your distorted truth to be freely expressed. You hide away, while your need to cause harm is hindered. You shall never be free.

You live in the slavery of the elevated soul, which was left behind by those who perished disgracefully. The very people, who might have not managed to designate the life courses of the souls around them during their time, yet they still managed to define the rules by which you cannot steal, kill, cheat or be wrongfully expressed.

Thus, you shall always be enslaved.

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