feel the love

people tend to believe that one of the most difficult things to accomplish in life is to learn to screen the negative energy that we are very often exposed to.

It is easier than we think.

All we have to consider is that the source of the negative energy that threatens our quality of life is only coming from the human beings that we interact with. Nature or animals do not have negative energy. So we can protect ourselves by ignoring these persons.

Or by simply awakening our mind. By enlighting our existence with the following facts. According to most religions, our world is Made of Love. Humans are a really small part of this universe and it is really egoistic to believe that we can change the way the universe – our world – works. In other words, the forces governing us are huge… and are full of Love. Negativity is only affecting us as humans and not the universe or the nature surrounding us. So try to see the forest and not the tree in front of you.

Practice and learn to feel. To feel the love!


Love has such a moving effect that even if someone wants you to be harmed, if you show him your love, you will see the evil inside his eyes. He will look at you scornfully by showing his disgust towards your being.