Love has such a moving effect that even if someone wants you to be harmed, if you show him your love, you will see the evil inside his eyes. He will look at you scornfully by showing his disgust towards your being.

Great Truths

Our response to the greatest truths is to reject them. Nothing is, however, deleted from our memory if its true definition is not found first. These truths remain as riddles, until they are truly defined, sometimes many years down the road.

The Pal.

Kid, don’t stop cultivating goodness around you.” This is what I was told once by an ill-disposed man, who had been tortured by life’s hardships.

The time will come. The time will come when the seeds of your kindness will be your real fortune.”

Because good people are to be rewarded some day. I grew old and paid my debts for my wrongdoings first, but some day I will also reap the benefits of my deeds. That’s the way it is…”

You should know,” he added “that the man, who does good is something like a saint, as he is in everyone’s soul, while everybody is thinking in favor of his well being. He is always fortunate. And frequently, even when he passes away, he still remains immortal in people’s souls.”

Life at some point in time washes up every man’s soul and yours will be washed up somewhere nice as I see it right now…”

I hope you are rewarded for every good act of yours.”

I am not in good terms not even with my own family…,” he told me.